Dear friends of 4×4-vehicles and offroad-adventures,
You are cordially welcome to the homepage of the German Land Rover Club (DLRC). Even though our homepage is held in German and most of our activities will take place in Germany we are open to all enthusiasts sharing our passion for off-road cars and events.

Deutscher Land Rover Club - International

Therefore, we cultivate our contacts to Land Rover Clubs of other countries, welcome people from abroad to participate in DLRC events and treasure our long-term friendships all over the world. Might be of interest: the DRLC was founded in 1975 – originally to organize spare parts for Land Rover cars.

Who we are? We are an independent club focussing on outdoor events around offroad-activities and vehicles. Roughly about 1,200 members are regionally organized and meet each other regularly in their respective region or at our nationwide events. Our own journal “ROVERBLATT”, our DLRC-internet-forum and our website accompany our club life to facilitate the exchange of information and experiences.

What do we do? Without question, most of our events have a social aspect characterized by campfires, barbecues, or dinners, for instance. However, besides food and drinks we love to be active driving our cars or tinkering with them. Just to mention some key words: Trainings on offroad driving and recovery, refurbishing of Oldtimers, expansion of campers, vacation trips and overland journeys, participation in and organization of trials and 4×4 trophies.

How to contact DLRC: Contacting us is easy. Either fill out the contact form or simply write a letter or an Email to our office or to our spokesman.

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News outside Germany

Sale by auction – Verbeek 4×4

Sale by auction – Verbeek 4×4

Due to bankruptcy, sale by auction: Verbeek 4x4 in Zutphen/ Netherlands.  Please find further details at: - alle auctions - country filter: Netherlands -  look for auction A1-14990, date: 2023 October 31st. To sell by auction are Land Rover...

Land Rover Club Estland (ELRK)

Land Rover Club Estland (ELRK)

was: 25 Jahre Land Rover Club Estland (ELRK): wann: 30.04.2023 was: Sommertour des Land Rover Club Estland (ELRK) wann: 12.-13.08.2023 Information & Anmeldung: